DealerWerx is the perfect franchise solution for a modern day pre-owned items and vehicle store(Coming Soon!!!).

We will offer a complete solution that will empower operators with the tools they need to start applying our systems. Our franchise comes with a complete set of options and the ability to build an incredible business, with a low upfront cost.

Building & Land Requirements

Franchise concepts will contain information required to construct the signature style DealerWerx building. Our buildings include a detail & car wash bay as well as a light mechanical area for light service (oil changes and safety inspections). DealerWerx will provide a complete set of architectural drawings and landscape plans that ensure uniformity and brand recognition.

The appeal behind the building design is that it has a relatively low cost of construction while maintaining very strong curb appeal. It has the appearance of being a much larger structure then it actually is. The land requirements are therefore much less while still being able to house a large inventory on the lot.


Our website is scalable and pre-packaged utilizing a user friendly interfaced environment. We can offer set-up and tech support on a continually basis which includes the implementation of upgrades. DealerWerx franchisees can benefit from all this support and development for a low monthly service fee.

Strong Universal Brand

Our brand is what sets us apart from the competition and what will attract attention from franchise shoppers. Our comprehensive package contains everything from our branded clothing, interior/exterior color scheme, advertising materials, furniture layout & design,and all the continued support required from one centralized location.

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